Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society Caregiver Training Course

Are you looking for a suitable course to make yourself a professional caregiver? Here comes a perfect chance for you to enrich your skills and techniques with Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society's new programme, a programme with 6 dedicated and outcome-oriented modules to help developing your caregiver skills.

THK's caregiver training course includes all together 6 modules to fit different needs of participants. You may feel free to join any modules that suit your needs in career; or in catering to the needs of the senior members of your family.

The expected learning outcomes of each module:
Module 1: Understanding Aging & Communication with the Elderly
  • identify the adaptations to sensory changes due to the aging process
  • identify effective communication techniques
  • demonstrate effective communication techniques
Module 2: Emergency & Infection Control
  • identify the principles of infection control
  • demonstrate effective hand washing
  • demonstrate effective actions to handle general emergencies
Module 3: Mobility Aid, Manual Handling & Fall Prevention
  • demonstrate the correct way to use walking aids & wheelchairs
  • demonstrate safe transfer techniques
  • demonstrate fall prevention measures
Module 4: Positioning Techniques & Nutritional/ Feeding Needs
  • demonstrate proper positioning techniques
  • explain the nutritional needs for the elderly
  • demonstrate safe and effective techniques when assisting an elderly during mealtime
Module 5: Health monitoring & Medication of the elderly
  • demonstrate proper methods in medicine packing
  • demonstrate proper use of thermometer to take temperature
  • demonstrate proper use of sphygmomanometer to take blood pressure
  • demonstrate proper use of a glucometer to determine blood glucose level
Module 6: Assisting in BADL & Maintenance Physical Exercise
  • perform passive range of motion exercise on the elderly
  • assist the elderly in dressing/undressing
  • assist the elderly in toileting
  • assist the elderly showering

Workskills Development Centre Housekeeping services

Workskills Development Centre Pte Ltd (WDC) was established in November 2004 in Singapore. The overriding objective of WDC is to provide cutting-edge competency based training programs. We are committed to train and develop individuals for specific competencies for employability, personal and career advancement.

In order to ensure success, it is imperative to surpass the standards of existing training facilities and to establish industry benchmarks based on exceptional quality and consistency. To this end, it is critical to define Vision and Commitments that will guide the business entity and on-going development of WDC.

Project Title: Professional Enrichment Series-Housekeeping Services
  • To provide enrichment to the working experiences of the FDWs
  • To diversify and to expand the skills of the FDWs
  • To provide an opportunity to the FDWs to upgrade their service skills
  • To enrich, enhance and empower
  • Number of Courses Proposed: 1 Elementary Housekeeping Course
    Total Number of Training Hours: 16 hours ( 2-day Course )
    Target Audience: Foreign Domestic Workers

    Training Topics Covered:
    • Make and Maintain Beds
    • Clean and Maintain Domestic Washroom
    • Wash and Dry Garments and Linens
    • Clean and Maintain Domestic Flooring
    • Clean and Maintain Domestic Furniture and Furnishing
    Training Objective:

    To provide the depth and breadth of foundational domestic cleaning training, and to encourage maximum learning potential in the learners.

    Training Topics:
    Make and Maintain Beds (3 hours)

    In this module, our trainees will be trained according to the standard procedure for bed making, adapted from the hotel's standard operating procedure. They will be taught the basics of making bed, to identify different bed dressing and the effective way to remove and redress the bed and its accessories.

    Clean and Maintain Domestic Washroom (4 hours)

    It is crucial to maintain the cleanliness of the domestic bathrooms. This module aims to equip our trainees with proper bathroom cleaning skills and ways to protect and maintain the flooring, as well as to deal with various kind of stains in the bathrooms. Trainees will be briefed in the usage of different tools and chemicals to assist them in the cleaning process as well.

    Wash and Dry Garments and Linens (3 hours)

    The module aims to equip our trainees with the knowledge of cleaning various types of garments and linens. Trainees will be taught different cleaning methods (machine and hand-washing), the usage of different chemicals and methods to dry and iron the garments and linens.

    Clean and Maintaining Domestic Flooring (3 hours) In this module, our trainees will be trained in the care and cleaning for domestic flooring. They will be taught different characteristics of various kind of flooring, different kind of stains and the methods to clean and maintain the floorings. They will be introduced various cleaning tools suitable for various dry/wet cleaning as well.
    Clean and Maintain Domestic Furniture and Furnishing (3 hours)

    Furniture and furnishings are common items in any domestic household. Hence it is crucial that our trainees are taught the correct way to clean and maintain the various forms of furnishings. In this module, our trainees will be taught the different kind of materials and the ways to clean those furnishings. They will be trained to handle different kind of cleaning chemicals with tools, so as to clean the furniture and furnishings safely and correctly.

    Foreign Domestic Work Assoc. for Social Support and Training


    FIT is an initiative put together by FAST and participating EAs Training Organisations to provide quality and affordable skill training to the FDWs!

    Our Course includes:
    • Healthy Cooking
    • Elderly Care
    • Infant Care
    • Reflexology
    • Conversational English
    • Housekeeping Courses
    • Dementia Care

    Benefits of being FIT!
    • FREE 1 year FAST FBC Annual Membership
    • FREE FAST Heritage Tour
    • COMPLEMENTARY Training Vouchers from the following Training Organisations

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