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Because We selected, well trained and quality maids and we value the needs of our customers.

How long does it take to get a maid from overseas? - Back to Top

If the application is done in a correct manner to process the Work Permit for the maid, it takes anywhere from one week to four weeks for maid to arrive and start working for the employer. It also depends on the country of maid in some cases.

What is the Maid Levy? - Back to Top

As per MOM (Ministry of Manpower) regulation, an employer needs to pay the maids levy, which is a kind of monthly tax, paid to government on every single foreign domestic worker employed in republic of Singapore.

How much is the maid levy? - Back to Top

The Levy is $265.00 per month or $10 per day, payable for the period the work permit is valid. For Singaporean with young children below 12 or elderly living under the same household above 65 years of age, the government offers a concessionary rate of SGD 120.00 per month. CPF Board, as the collection agent, collects the Levy on behalf of MOM.

What is a security bond and how much is it? - Back to Top

Employer is responsible for the repatriation of the maid once the usual contract of 2 years expires unless it is renewed. You are required to post a security deposit (bond) of $5,000 for every maid with the Work Permit Department, MOM. If you fail to repatriate the maid after cancellation of her work permit, you risk losing the $5,000 security deposit (bond).

What are the alternatives available against the $5,000 security deposit? - Back to Top

Employer can purchase an insurance policy from AVA, which is much more cheaper alternative as compared to making the $5,000/- deposit.

What is the Personal Accident Insurance? - Back to Top

Employers need to purchase personal accident insurance coverage for the maid, the minimum sum insured is $40,000. You can purchase such insurance with various options at the following Insuring Agencies:

91 Bencoolen Street #08-01 Sunshine Plaza
Singapore 189652

Do the maid need to undergo medical check ups and how often? - Back to Top

Yes, Within 14 days from the date of arrival to Singapore, she must get herself examined by a certified medical institution and only if she passes her medical test as deemed to fit for working then she can work for the employer. Such medical examination is required every six-month for the medical screening, for VDRL, pregnancy, and HIV.

Who bears the responsibility for medical expenses of the maid? - Back to Top

As an Employer, you are liable to pay full cost of the medical expense, including hospitalization. So its better to have insurance coverage for hospitalization expenses for your maid.

How do Maid remit money to her home country? - Back to Top

Your maid would like to send her monthly salary back to her family regularly. You can engage remittance service from the following. List of Remittance Service Provider:

ActionPlus Remittance Services
133 New Bridge Road, #03-05 CHINATOWN POINT
Singapore 059413
Phone: 6533-3083
Email: [email protected]
Ameertech Remittance Services
291 Serangoon Road, #03-00 SERANGOON BUILDING
Singapore 218107
Phone: 6297-7707

Maid went missing? - Back to Top

You should cancel her work permit immediately to stop the levy payment. You are then given 1 month to locate and repatriate her. Otherwise, you risk losing the $5,000 security deposit.

Maid got pregnant? - Back to Top

You must repatriate the maid immediately.

Can I employ a MAID on part-time basis? - Back to Top

Presently MOM regulation does not allow the part-time employment of maids.

What do you mean by "Transfer Maid"? - Back to Top

Transfer Maids are usually already available locally. Mostly "Transfer Maids" are from another employer's and they are seeking a new employer for various reasons such as the expiry of 2 years contract or employers discontinuing the service of maid for whatever reasons.

What are the obligations of the employer to the Maid? - Back to Top

The employer is responsible for following as per MOM regulations:

  • To pay her salary on a timely basis.
  • To provide adequate food and suitable.
  • To provide medical care (includes hospitalization).
  • To provide a safe working environment.
  • To give her the respect.
  • To treat her as a human being.

Advise on obligations of the employer to the Immigration Department? - Back to Top

The obligations of the employer to the Immigration Department are stated clearly in the Security Bond.

What documents are needed for a first-time employer? - Back to Top

There are 2 types of employers: Local and Expatriate

A local employer needs to provide following details to process the maids work permit application:

Identity Card (as well as those of members of his household)

Proof of income in the form of Notice of Assessment (and that of the spouse if applicable) or his authority to the Ministry of Manpower to verify his income (and his spouse's if applicable) with the Internal Revenue Authority; or if he has recently returned after an extended absence, a letter by an officer of the company he is attached to showing:

  • i. His position in the company
  • ii. His monthly income
  • iii. The date employment commences

If Notice of Assessment is not available and the Employer has not paid income tax in the current or previous year:

  • 1. his income tax assessment if he was working abroad
  • 2. and a statement from CPF showing his contribution for the last 3 months, if applicable

An expatriate employer needs to provide following details to process the maids work permit application:

  • 1. Passport Copy- of self and members of the family
  • 2. Employment pass and dependent pass of family members living with him/her

What is the procedure of cancellation of the work permit? - Back to Top

Ministry of Manpower (MOM) needs following set of documents in order:

  • 1. A letter to MOM for terminating maid's services and repatriating her.
  • 2. A ticket to the maid's country of origin.
  • 3. Maid's passport copy.
  • 4. Maid's work permit card.

What is the average salary of a Myanmar maid? - Back to Top

Singapore Dollars 480.00 to 550.00. The more the experience, higher the salary.

What is the average salary of a Filipino maid? - Back to Top

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration's stipulated minimum salary of Singapore Dollars 570.00. The more the experience, higher the salary.

What is the average salary of an Indonesian maid? - Back to Top

Singapore Dollars 520. The more the experience, higher the salary.

What is the average salary of a Sri Lankan maid? - Back to Top

Singapore Dollars 480. The more the experience, higher the salary.

What are transfer maids? - Back to Top

Transfer maids refer to those maids who have are currently staying in Singapore.

Transfer maids can be interviewed in person.

What are new maids? - Back to Top

New Maids refer to those maids who are currently not staying in Singapore. Even if they have worked in Singapore or other countries, they are still classified as "New Maids" as long as they are currently not in Singapore.

Why should I approach a maid agency? - Back to Top

Maid agencies provide you professional and comprehensive service in maid recuitment and employment. A maid agency saves your a lot of effort in maid training, Work Permit application, security bond, insurance, travel arrangement, immigration clearance, medical screening, etc.

Which countries can I employ a maid from? - Back to Top

You can employ a maid from Ministry of Manpower (MOM) approved source of countries as a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW). The countries are: Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh.

Can I claim tax relief for maid levy? - Back to Top

You can claim tax relief if:

  • 1. you are a married woman and has elected for separate assessment; or
  • 2. you are married and your husband is not resident in Singapore; or
  • 3. you are separated or divorced or widowed and living with your unmarried child for whom you can claim child relief.

The relief is two times the amount of maid levy paid for one maid. It can only be set off against the earned income of the wife. Single taxpayers are not eligible for this relief. You can get the relief even if the levy is paid by the husband.

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