Our comprehensive range of maid services enable us to gain an edge over other service providers.
Our services include:

    Budgetmaid, as one of the largest maid agency Singapore, will definitely do our best to help our clients. We provide cancellation on the spot so as to ensure that our clients can save their precious time. In this way, employers also do not have to make 2 trips.

    In a nutshell, we provide a low cost, time saving service to our client.

    Budgetmaid has heard many of our clients feedback to us regarding employing a maid in Singapore, but faced with the problem of "What if the employers go on holiday?". In this kind of case, where will their maid be staying? Rest assured that Budgetmaid can help you in this instance. If you're an employer going overseas for leisure or business but you do not wish to leave the helper alone in your house, you can actually call us to arrange to have your maid to stay in with us. In fact, when your domestic helper (maid) is staying with us, we will also provide revision training to them so that they can refresh their training syllabus. When you're back, you'll have a maid that is re-trained and you'll also have ease of mind when you know that your maid (foreign domestic worker) is safely housed with in an MOM approved FDW Dormitory.

    If you're arranging for a new maid to come and you do not want your old maid (foreign domestic worker) to stay in your house, we can help as well.

    Budgetmaid, as one of the largest maid agency Singapore, can arrange for pick-up at your residence to send the foreign domestic helper (maid) to the airport. We will also provide lodging prior to departure for employers who do not want their maids to stay with them in the interim period.

    Budgetmaid, as one of the largest maid agency in Singapore, provide detailed paperwork to save you, the employer, of the hassle of submitting the required documents to the Ministry of Manpower. You also need not worry about the arrangement of the flight details, as we will cover this. In terms of medical checkup, thumbprint session, as well as the Settling-in-Program (SIP), we will be sending your foreign domestic worker to and fro as well. To enhance your customer service experience, we even collect the work permit for you!

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